Safe Chemicals Act

Infertility, cancer, and learning disabilities are just some of the health problems linked to toxic chemicals that touch millions of American families.  The Safe Chemicals Act intends to replace the outdated 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) so that the public  is protected from chemicals that have been linked to cancer, learning disabilities, asthma, reproductive problems, and other serious diseases.

Harmful chemicals linked to disease can be found in products under our sinks, in our showers, in our laundry in products we use every day without knowing the irreparable damage being done to our immune systems.  Without testing, there are not adequate safety warnings.  According to the Environmental Working Group;

“No pre-market safety testing or approval is required under any federal law for chemicals in cosmetics, toys, clothing, carpets, or construction materials, to name just a few obvious sources of chemical exposure in everyday life. This little known fact is the premeditated result of an orchestrated campaign by the chemical industry to avoid testing and regulation of their products. It largely explains why products like hair spray, hair dye, pacifiers, stain repellants, glues and children’s toys get on the market, only to be found to contain highly toxic compounds at unsafe levels after decades of widespread use.”

The Safe Chemical Act aims to give the public assurance by legislating that chemicals are proven safe before being added to our homes, schools, and places of work.

Learn more about the Safe Chemicals Act at Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.

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