Before and After: Charred Stuff on Stovetop

I really love testing out new products that are green and clean.  I love that they usually save me money and of course are better for my health, but when I find something that works better than every other thing I have ever tried on some nuisance thing in my house — well, you just might catch me dancing and singing while cleaning. It really is THAT exciting. (To me anyway.)

So, today I was cooking some meals for the week ahead and as I was putting my shiny stainless steel pot on the stove top to start cooking I was confronted by this…

If you are anything like me, I had to put all cooking on hold to clean.  Had it been a few months ago before I found scour off, I might have rolled up my sleeves to prepare for some scrubbing.  But as I now have substantial experience with charred on nasty stuff on the stove and scour off, I was excited! I love proving over and over to myself how well this stuff works and how little product, time and energy it takes to clean it off.  So, I decided it was time to share my excitement.  I took the photos in such a way to show the time.  Unfortunately, it’s also a little deceiving because I believe I was late in the minute taking the picture and early in the next minute. It’s really that fast and that easy.  But, by the time I realized that I needed a second timer, it was too late.  I will find a digital second clock soon so I can start racing through tasks.  Maybe we can get an olympic sport?

TA DA!   (For effect, I showed the blackened sponge.  That’s black from the stove, not from the cleaner.  The cleaner is pink. 🙂

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