Spring Cleaning for Your Body

Just as we clean out our homes at the beginning of spring, it’s always a good idea to clean out your body once or twice a year.  Even when we take care with the foods we eat, we still need to give our insides (especially our hard working liver, kidneys and colon)  a break.

The first step in any detox is to stop putting the bad things in.  While it may be difficult to eliminate all toxins in our environment, you can make a huge impact by focusing on some of the worst offenders.  I have written a post on Taming the Toxic Triage in your Home. Once you have identified the toxins you want to tame and chase out, do your body a favor by flushing out as many of the toxins as possible that you’ve stored up over the years.

The supplements below are designed to help your liver wash out toxins.

Alfalfa Complex 10 per day – Helps normalize digestive tract.  Fiber and chlorophyll for cleansing & odor – unique source of valuable vitamins and minerals.

Liver DTX Complex 3 per day- Potent standardized extract of Milk Thistle seed regenerates liver cells – helps body rid itself of toxins (from foods, air, water in our daily lives.)

Fiber Plan Tablets 5 tablets – Simple and easy-to-swallow way to provide fiber.

Herb Lax 4 tabs a day – Encourages a mild cleansing action to aid the body’s natural processes. Also use as a natural, gentle solution for occassional irregularity.

Optiflora probiotic 1 a day – Helps restore healthy, natural function of the colon – crucial for health.

EZ Gest 1 before each meal – Clinically proven enzymes that help relieve many problems with digestion — the only 5 in 1 digestive aid on the market.

Total cost for a 1 month detox is $146.75.  But in April, for new members you can get a free membership AND 15% off your order! Over $40 in savings!

Call today for more info. (910) 688-3554

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