Detox for the Whole Family

It may not come as a surprise that there are people who think we’ve gone off the deep end with our focus on non-gmo, non-toxic living. To date, we’ve eliminated as much processed food as possible; gotten rid of as many plastics as possible. We’ve removed every cleaner, detergent, soap and spray made with chemicals and replaced them with something green, non-toxic and biodegradable. We have built a traditional organic garden with a home compost, and we are investing in an aquaponic garden this summer. We buy organic food and try our best to eat plant based whole foods. We are supplementing with all natural vitamins, going for walks, going to church, and seeking in every way conceivable to remove pollutants from our lives –whether they are toxic substances, toxic relationships or toxic thoughts. And our friends wonder … why go to all this trouble?

To be honest, we didn’t plan to go all in; this new lifestyle snuck up on us really. First, we learned about the chemicals in our laundry detergent and how they could be exacerbating our 7 year old’s asthma. Then, we learned about the links between asthma and food allergies. Then we heard stories about the link between fast food, sugar, gmo’s and diabetes. We talked to people about their health and their symptoms, what was working and what wasn’t working. And as we dug in deeper, we uncovered more and more information about potential links, possible links, maybe links and definite links between chronic disease and all of these artificial substances.

The information, honestly, is everywhere and now we can’t see how it took us do long to open our eyes!

So we decided, if we don’t know how these substances are affecting us, why don’t we just opt out? Whats the harm in being a little different? It will be better for us, better for our kids, better for our environment. So we jumped in.

Once we started, we noticed we were feeling better, sleeping better, experiencing less anxiety, having fewer aches and pains, and after more than 5 years of nearly monthly doctors appointments for one of us, we’ve now gone almost a year without so much as a sniffle!

We didn’t know how bad we felt until we started feeling 10 times better!

Now, the kids bring home stories of so and so puking and going home early with flu or being out with strep, but that’s it, they are bringing home stories and not illness. We have perfect attendance and straight A’s, We are out catching fireflies, not catching colds. We aren’t using antibacterial soaps, or hiding from people. In fact we are going out more often and interacting with strangers in public places because we aren’t homebound with a sick kid or a sick parent!

Yes, it is a lot of work to remove the toxins, eat naturally, exercise daily, be mindful of our excuses and bad habits
and focus on wellness, but you know what? It was a lot more work to manage illness, be unmotivated, battle exhaustion, feel sluggish, and struggle with our weight. We spend more on organic and less on doctors bills.

So, if you are considering better living through nature. Just go all in. You will never regret it!

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