Juicing made me lazy

I’m not much of a cook. I like to cook, but I don’t have any natural creativity or talent with food. If it tastes good, it’s because I researched it, made a list and then followed the instructions. No substitutions! I also probably baked or sautéed it. Chances are slim that I did anything fancy like stuff it or wrap it in Philo or put little sprigs of anything fancy on it.


I taught myself to cook from cookbooks and other than one roommate teaching me how to cut an onion I have no tips and tricks up my sleeve. But I do know how to quickly respond to things like smoke, fire, boiling over, dripping over and fire alarms. In fact, it’s good to get to know your local firemen and this is why I spontaneously invite them over once or twice a year.

I can scrape off toast, disguise with sauce, cut off outside char and when all else fails, I make a great sandwich.

But this isn’t how I want to be. Of course I want to be the mom who can whip up a hearty, healthy meal from the 3 mix matched foods in the fridge in under 30 minutes without dirtying my blouse or a single pan.


I know how important it is to eat fresh whole foods and avoid the processed junk. So, the other night when I bought spinach and feta stuffed salmon from the fish guy, organic polenta and a bunch of leafy collard greens and kale I was as proud of my healthy choices as I was dismayed by the fact that while not processed, it was all pre-prepared.

But I let that self criticism roll off my back and headed home to cook (heat up) this meal. Of course when I got home, I realized the only food that wasn’t just ready-to-go was the vegetables. I mean, how do you cook kale, collard greens and carrots? I did what any gourmet chef in training would do and I googled recipes. Thats when I realized I didnt have garlic or ginger or any other ingredient to complete a recipe.

What now? Will it even be edible when I finish it? Then as I was washing the vegetables, what did I see but the trusty juicer! What luck!! So, does the fact that I just tossed my veggies in the juicer and drank them make me lazy or brilliant?
Methinks brilliant.

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