My Health Goals

Here is a brief list of some of my goals this year.  I’m sure we will be adding to this list and hope that our posts will reflect these goals.

  1. Invest in my family’s health by preparing the best food ever.
  2. Invest in my family’s prosperity by giving back and pushing myself to be more generous and charitable.
  3. Invest in my family’s education by turning off electronics and turning on our minds.
  4. Invest in my family’s fitness by getting a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day every day (1 hour for the kids).
  5. Invest in my family’s longevity by removing toxins from our home, our environment and our foods.
  6. Invest in my family’s immunity by boosting our vitamin and mineral intake through juicing and all natural supplements.
  7. Invest in my family’s spirit by embracing our talents, accepting our differences, loving fearlessly, and protecting each other from things that limit us.
  8. Invest in my community by sharing what I learn with others and helping them make these changes in their own lives.
  9. Invest in my future by teaching my kids about food and nature, creativity, love, vulnerability and purpose.

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