Purging the Plastic

I’ve been purging the junk, switching brands, minimizing, recycling, reusing and changing habits. It sounds like a lot of work but it has been easier than I expected and loads of fun.

Reading about the toxicity of plastics, particularly the harmful chemicals Bisphenol A and Phthalates, that are present in so many plastics, I really took a long look at all the things in the house that I can replace with safer products.

One product that seemed to be potentially one of the most harmful was in our reusable plastic food storage containers. Replacing these posed a dilemma. What do we do with the old containers? We certainly don’t want to throw them away in a great big nasty landfill? So, we decided to keep them but use them for non-food items, like crayons, beads, thread, buttons and markers.

We replaced them with glass storage containers by SnapWare. These are BPA free, nesting and stackable. So far they are working out great. Storage is easy, they are easy to clean and they stack well.


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