Tame the Toxic Trifecta in your Home

Home is supposed to be the safest place on earth, and yet our homes are often the source of the majority of our toxic exposure.  Knowing what contaminants and chemicals are in what products and how to remove, replace or reduce them is key to sustaining and improving your family’s health.

Contaminated Water – Lead, mercury, atrazine (pesticide), and other contaminants are in your water.  According to the water and wastewater authorities, there are less than 100 contaminants that are monitored and regulated by our water authorities, yet there are thousands of contaminants in the supply.  Since only a small percent of the total water supply is used for drinking water, it would not be feasible or economical for the water treatment centers to clean all the water to the level of purity needed for optimum health.  Further, once the water leaves the treatment center, the water passes through distribution systems and home plumbing, which may have flaws. For this reason water authorities and health authorities recommend you purify your water at the source — your faucet.  Not all water purifiers are the same.  Reverse osmosis systems are the best but are not affordable for many families.  A quality pitcher water filter will clean your water and reduce pollution from disposable plastic bottles.  Not all water pitchers are the same.  Choose wisely and look for Gold Seal Certification by the Water Quality Association.  Brita and Pur both lost their gold seal certification years ago for removal of lead.

Contaminated Food –  Pesticides on our foods are linked to several chronic diseases affecting kids at alarming rates.  They have been linked to ADHD, Autism, asthma, several cancers and other chronic diseases.  Washing the foods no longer removes sufficient quantities of pesticides because GMO crops are genetically modified to contain active pesticides.  For example, corn—a product that is great use in our food supply – is regulated as both a food and a pesticide.  And this is what you are eating when you eat processed food!  The only way to ensure you are minimizing your exposure to pesticides is to eat organic, whole foods.  In addition to pesticides, there are several other foods to avoid because they are toxic to your body.  Avoid any artificial sugars, colors and preservatives.  Your body struggles to process them and this is a terrible burden on your liver, kidneys and pancreas.  Avoid real sugar.  Our foods are overly sweetened.  Try to retrain your palate to appreciate flavors in food as nature intended.

Contaminated Air –  While we should all do what we can to improve the quality of our air, driving less, eating less meat, creating less waste, etc. indoor air pollution directly impacts our health and vitality on a daily basis. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are found in two to five times higher levels inside our homes than outside.  Use cleaning products without pesticides or harsh chemicals.  There are several natural products available.  Stop using air fresheners and fragranced candles. When the weather is mild, turn off your recirculating air and open the windows.  Indoor air pollution is linked to asthma and allergies and other chronic diseases.  You are in charge of the products you purchase and use in your home.  Use the best without regrets.

Remember, every dollar you spend is a vote in this economy for better health, better ethics and a better future.  Every choice you make can be a choice for a healthy balanced future.

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