Mother’s Day – Junk Free Holiday

I am a big fan of holidays. As I’ve gotten older, and as my children grow and change with each passing season, I can appreciate how important it is to celebrate and mark big events. These events are mile markers in our lives. They are the stuff memories are made of. They are points of reference when looking back. They help us connect, celebrate, commemorate, regroup and move on, despite whatever else is going on. The problem is, so many holidays are now filled with junk. Junk sentiment, junk gifts, and junk foods. In my quest to remove the junk from my body and my home, I’d also like to remove the junk from my holidays.

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the one person who seems to hold things together. It is a day to show appreciation and affection for the person who dishes out appreciation and affection better than anyone. And in the face of attempting to do what Mom does best … for mom, Mother’s Day becomes a landmine of trumped up expectations, competition, confusion and disappointment. Father’s, especially new father’s, are tasked at either over spending or overworking themselves on gifts and projects. When kids are old enough to be responsible for their own gift choosing, Mother’s Day seems to be that one opportunity to somehow make up for everything you did wrong the rest of the year. So the whole family fumbles and stumbles with gifts and cards and balloons and chocolates and flowers and all mom really wants … is a couple hours to relax and gather her thoughts. Another misfire.

The top mother’s day gifts are flowers, chocolate, a family outing for mother’s day brunch, hand made crafts, jewelry, and spa certificates.

How can we celebrate Mom without the junk? Without the debt? Without the competition?

  1. Take Mom for a walk after dinner
  2. Write Mom a letter of some of our favorite Mom memories
  3. Thank Mom, sincerely, for her sacrifices
  4. Put down the phone or the iPod and ask Mom about her childhood… then listen
  5. Help Mom finish one of those projects that she doesn’t ever find time to work on

What are your ideas? Thank you for sharing!

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