Almost back to school

School starts in two weeks, so technically, there’s two weeks left of summer, but, if last year (and the year before) are any indication, the freewheeling, unscheduled, seat of the pants vibe of summer is about to disappear.  We’ve got youth group starting in a week, softball and dance soon, soccer  and baseball.  I’ve shopped for back to school supplies, but not for clothes.  If I wait two weeks before I start setting the alarm clock back to 5 AM, I will have a rude, rude awakening.  

So, I’ve started planning for back to school.  What kinds of lunches to I want to prepare?  The kids are getting older and can handle more variety. But, I still need to be realistic.  They are kids. (Picky ones)

What do I want to start cooking for dinner?  We will be eating less on the run and at the beach and on blankets and more at the table, in a crunch and after a long day.  

How will I get us back on schedule?  

The best thing to do, of course, is make a plan.  So, I’m writing down some of my favorite meals and some of the kids favorite meals and making sure I’ve got a plan.  And as the kids have been away for a while, I’d like to make something special for their first night home tomorrow.  I’ve decided to make a more elaborate dinner that is difficult to make during the year (at least on weeknights): Vegetarian Lasagna.  I’ve made my list and I’m headed out to the store.  I hope to post pictures later!

Have a great day!

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