Waste Free Friday

20120921-111309.jpgToday was not 100% waste free, as you can see by the little brown granola bars all wrapped up next to the napkins, but I’m a huge fan of doing your best and being happy with it.  How often do we skip a workout when we only have 10 or 15 minutes with the excuse that it’s not enough time to make a difference?  How often do we give up on our diets after a lunch or dinner out with friends and a single indulgence?  How often do we give up with the slightest bit of discouragement or criticisms?  Let’s not do that anymore.  Let’s do our best and be happy.

Today my best involved a granola bar that was wrapped in plastic.

And maybe my best at work will include a mistake or late attendance at a call.

And maybe my parenting will include a moment of bad listening or indulging the kids or bribery.

And maybe my friends will be a bit ignored and my dog will be scolded.

Let’s not give up over all that stuff.  I packed a granola bar, but I STILL made big steps in saving my kids health, my community’s health, my environment and my finances.  Let’s focus on that part?  Deal.

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